15 February, 2014

London for a day

I have a feeling this will be a long post... you have been warned! 

The other day I went to London. It is by far one of my favourite cities and forever will be. My love for this place continues to grow day-by-day. 

One of my most visited places there is Portobello road, not only for all its unique antique shops full of quirky finds, but for all the edible goods you can find there. This place is packed with restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries... and even a shop that specialises in popcorn! 

It's times like this in which I realise how much I love people. Strangers we will never come to properly meet just crossing their paths with ours amongst others. It's part of our everyday lives, so we never realise how fascinating this concept is. 

Look at all these beautiful, beautiful people. I wish I knew their names. 

I'm still overwhelmed by this idea. How there are so many mysterious people that seem to cross over our lives - so close to becoming part of them - but they are merely travellers of a parallel line.

A day in London, as exciting as it is, makes me tired with thoughts of adventure, and heavy with sleep. Before long, it's time to return with longing and small fantasies to a place you call home.


  1. oh my goodness gracious. I NEED TO VISIT YOU NOW!!! and you can take me to all your lovely haunts as well as 221b Baker St. obviously. ;) how lovely and lucky you are, m'dear. xx || from a fellow anglophile

  2. My dream is to visit London on day in the future! :)