30 April, 2013

what if colors were a smell?

What if colors were a smell? What if every time I looked into those eyes I would smell the ocean breeze, instead of noticing how intensely blue they were?
And what about a rainbow? Would it be a flower garden? A sweet shop? A tropical rainforest?
Then, there's the colors of the ever-changing and beautiful sky. Would the shades of a pale morning sky be coffee and croissants - or fresh, sweet-scented laundry? Would the dark shades of inky night sky be the musty smell of a  fireplace - or would that be the intense evening sky colors, set ablaze by the sun? What if colors were a smell?

This is an extract of something I scribbled onto the back of some work in school today. It's actually quite an interesting thought. So, what are some smells you think would belong to your favorite color?

27 April, 2013

in which i attempt to make my own blackout poems

I said: "why not?", and here they are.

Poem i. reads...

beautiful sunlight so prized by the shade, of eyes merry and arrogant, as the sun slanted down in the green trees of white blossoms.

Poem ii. reads...

oaks and night air, so pretty from the upstairs window (between fluttering curtains), down the path toward the dark cedar, bringing a small ray of hope.

23 April, 2013

an introduction

Forgive me for not properly introducing myself! I've decided to do so now, so I've written twenty slightly random facts about me.

1. i'm bilingual // 2. i'm learning french too! // 3. green's my favorite color (which is closely followed by light blue) // 4. i 've got braces  (until the 15-05-13... i no longer do!) // 5. i'm claustrophobic // 6. i've lived in three different countries // 7. cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers // 8. summer's my favorite season. definitely. // 9. i have an older sister // 10. the places i most want to visit are new york, japan, switzerland and canada // 11. i'm a terrible liar // 12. i'm not a morning person // 13. my pet's been on tv // 14. my favorite trees are weeping willows // 15. i'd rather read than watch tv // 16. i can't ride a bike (i know! how inconvenient. but I've never really had the deep interest or need to learn!) // 17. anything is better with chocolate (and i'm not just talking about food here) // 18. i'm left handed // 19. people tend to spell my name wrong or just call me 'danielle' (what's so difficult about it?!) // 20. i'm very loyal to my friends //

What about you? Do you have any interesting or fun facts to share?