28 September, 2013

23 July, 2013

on birthdays, llamas and surprises

Llamas are the sweetest thing, don't you think? As some of you know, it was my birthday a few weeks back, and to celebrate it some friends, family and I had a walk along some hills, each leading a llama.

We eventually found the perfect spot to settle down upon and have our picnic.

I ate delicious hummus and pepper sandwiches, fresh strawberries and the cutest llama shaped biscuits. 

After eating we explored the corners of the wood. Guess what we found?

A teepee made out of branches. What a darling surprise.

I officially love wood teepees now. 

And so, after a good day spent with lovely llamas, we returned home with our hearts full. Llamas are seriously the best solution for anything.

06 July, 2013


Meet Cecilia, my new camera. I got her for my birthday that was last week (which involved lots of jumping up and down) and have lately been experimenting with her. She's my very first DSLR camera, and I love her to bits. Here are a few pictures I have taken so far.